Silver Service

waiters-750x450Silver service catering is perfect for high-end events that require that polished finish. Our team are trained in-house to deliver the food in an impeccable manner. Silver service catering is where the food is served to the patrons simultaneously, from the left, with proper serving forks and spoons. This ensures that all your guests on the table eat at the same time.

Professional service
This orderly fashion serving option is ideal for large functions with a high level of custom. Silver service catering is perfect for both private events such as weddings and corporate events such as seminars, annual dinners and conferences.

Champagne and canapes: Greet your guests with light drinks and small bites

Silver service: Guests are served all course while seated

Typical order of service

Water > Wines > Bread > Starter > Clear starter > Top up wine and water > Serve main course > Clear main course > Crumb down > Top up wine and water > Serve dessert > Clear dessert > Serve cheese boards > Serve tea and coffee