Festival staff hire – major and boutique festivals UK

Festival - Staff h ire

Chefs and Events offer a full range of festival staff for large and small events throughout the South Coast. Whether you require stewards, bar staff or serving staff, we can quickly put together a team for you.


Large big name festivals to small boutique festivals require staff  that can handle the chaotic, busy and demanding nature while maintaining an enthusiastic and positive attitude. We are experts in recognising those with the talent to continue with composure and great customer service under pressure.

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Festivals are on the go, constantly. So we need staff who can keep up the pace and stamina with the rest of the crowd. Depending on the event, location and time of day… festival-goers can get a bit rowdy! Our team must be able to keep their cool when the going gets lively!

The atmosphere at a festival is infectious, so if you’re having a good time, the festival-goers are jolly, you and the team will have a good time too.

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