Front of house

bar-staff-750x450Waiters and waitresses

Waiters and waitresses are the forefront of your business, where the quality of service is of the highest importance. If you’re looking for a relief staff member or a team of wait staff, then you need look no further, we can supply from 1 to 40 persons or more if enough notice is received.

These requirements can be for one-off events or an ongoing situation. At Chefs and Events Staffing, we have a bank of personnel to fit your business. All waiters and waitresses are vetted, trained and have excellent customer service skills that are able to fit into your working environment.

Bar staff

Working the bar requires a good understanding of beers, ales, wines and cocktails, but most importantly the ability to learn and deliver quickly with grace and charm. Our guys are all about ensuring the customers are served correctly and promptly, we offer personal licence holders also.