Welcome to Chefs and Events

Welcome to Chefs and Events

Hello! Welcome to Chefs and Events catering. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and are super excited to share with you our new website. With so much going on this year, we think it’s about time we share with you what’s happening in our corner of the world.

A little about us…

Chefs and Events is based in the centre of the vibrant Southsea, making it really easy for clients, customers and staff to get to. As a leading catering agency in the south, we cover the whole of Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey. The team at Chefs and Events is led by Stephen, the glue between the clients and staff. Having travelled far and wide, Stephen brings a wealth of experience, business acumen and great insight to the catering and hospitality management. Always up for a challenge and trying something new… customers and clients will enjoy his flair for giving it a go.

Temporary catering staff

We specialise in providing relief catering staff for businesses of all sizes, from family run cafes and restaurants to canteens in schools, hospitals and businesses. We pride ourselves in sourcing excellent catering personnel that are reliable, experienced and flexible. We work with our clients to fully understand their business and catering requirements, enabling us to provide cover for planned and unplanned leave.

Event catering

Chefs and Events have built a solid reputation within the catering industry, with access to a superb range of chefs and service staff. Our flexibility and knowledge of the events and catering industry allows us to tailor our catering options to suit the customer needs. We enjoy catering for events of all sizes, from the small, intimate dinners where the chef takes control of the kitchen to large weddings and corporate functions.

What’s in store for summer 2015?

We’ve got quite a busy calendar already, with regattas and summer balls in place. We’ve got lots of great staff on board who enjoy the flexibility and diversity of catering agency work. Keep an eye on our Chefs and Events blog and social media channels for the latest news, events and tips from Chefs and Events.